Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Does this course cost anything?

The course content itself is free. But you may need to buy some supplies and or equipment to complete the activities.

2.    Do I need to have done machine embroidery before I take this course?

No. This course is designed for people completely new to machine embroidery.

3.    Do I need to know how to use my sewing machine?

While this course is designed for beginners it is assumed that you have a handle on the basic operation of your sewing machine. You will need to know how to set your machine up for standard sewing and be able to identify the main switches and settings etc. Your sewing machine manual will help get you up to speed on the basics if you are a complete newbie.

4.    Do I have to use the suggested sewing thread? Or can I use something different?

Feel free to use whatever thread you like. Experimenting with different threads can produce great results. Just be careful of working with very slippery or specialised threads to start with as they can be challenging and may require specialised needles and tension settings. I have suggested basic sewing thread as a starting point because it generally performs well and most people already have a spool or two on hand.

5.    Do I have to use the suggested base fabric? Or can I use something else?

You can use whatever base fabric you like. Just be aware that some fabrics can present challenges that we don’t address in this course. I have suggested basic plain woven cotton fabric because it is strong, affordable and readily available. But feel free to experiment with different fabrics and materials as you get more confident with your embroidery, that can be a lot of fun!

6.    I don’t have an embroidery hoop. Can I work without one?

I always suggest you work with an embroidery hoop as it helps to keep the material flat and even when stitching. It is possible to work without a hoop but it can be a challenge. If you work without a hoop you will have to hold the fabric tight and flat while you stitch, which adds another layer of complexity when we are stitching.

7.    I don’t have a Freehand embroidery foot/darning foot? Can I use another foot or work without one?

It is not recommended that you use standard presser feet (ie. Straight stitch foot) for Freehand Machine Embroidery. Standard presser feet are unsuitable for the freehand embroidery technique because they hold the fabric down while stitching, which limits your abilty to move the fabric in any direction - which is the whole point of freehand work. It is possible to work without a presser foot, but it can be a bit tricky. The ‘footless’ option will be discussed further in the course video’s.

8. Do I have to join the facebook group?

No, it is completely optional. However, the Facebook group is a great place to share your work and ask questions if you ever feel you need a bit of extra help (from Meredith or the other students in the course). So the group is well worth joining if you can. You can join the group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/meredithwoolnoughstudiogroup

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